Vita suffers second-week sales slump in Japan

Just two weeks after hitting the market, the PlayStation Vita may be stumbling. According to the latest figured out of Japan, the shiny new handheld has been outsold by the PS3, Wii, 3DS and even the hardware it’s been designed to replace – the PSP.

Rayman Origins, for PlayStation Vita

Rayman Origins on PlayStation Vita

In its second week on the market, Japanese buyers snapped up nearly 72,500 Vita consoles – possibly due to a lack of decent games for the platform. A quick look at the Media Create numbers (in Japanese) show that three of the top five games are for the Nintendo 3DS (including Mario Kart 7 in #1), which moved more than 482,000 units over the same period.

A direct comparison on software sales is impossible, as many PlayStation gamers are picking up Vita titles online via PlayStation Network, but that doesn’t explain the lacklustre hardware performance.

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