5yr old's Christmas gaming ends at knifepoint

For Christmas this year, a 5-year old boy was given a new video game. Like most kids, he couldn’t wait to start playing, and plonked down in front of the console, happily engrossed in his virtual world – until his mother intervened.

Jutrina Tillman

Court image of Jutrina Tillman

Mom – 32-year old Jutrina Tillman – had allegedly been drinking heavily before getting upset at her son’s behaviour (local media does not report on just what set her off). She decided the boy had had enough, throwing the console to the ground and picking the child up by his arm before dragging him to his bedroom and slamming the door.

The account comes from the boy’s 13-year old sister, who told police she heard her brother screaming and ran into the room. She allegedly found Tillman attempting to strangle the boy.

Court records quote the 5-year old as saying that “his mom put her hand around his throat and squeezed until he thought he was going to fall asleep and closed his eyes.”

After her daughter’s protests, Tillman allegedly headed to the kitchen to grab a more effective weapon.

Returning with a “6 to 8 inch butcher knife”, Tillman threatened both her children, pointing the blade at the girl’s chest and threatening to kill them both.

Quick-thinking daughter called 911 as the children ran for the front door. As they attempted to flee, Tillman grabbed the boy in a bear hug and started choking him.

Police arrived soon after, finding the girl outside the house “crying and clutching the phone”. Tillman allegedly attempted to leave her home and enter a neighbour’s house before being apprehended.

Tillman is now facing court on two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon – and she denies the Christmas night reports, claiming instead that her children are framing her.

All of these charges are not true.

My daughter is very manipulative. She got caught having sex. She got in trouble for it. She called the police. That’s what happened.

Child Services in Phoenix are currently investigating another case of abuse – where Tillman allegedly attacked her daughter – and this is not the first time Tillman has been in trouble for hurting her kids.

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