SW:TOR updated to v1.01 amid Christmas cheer

In case you wanted to know just how long gamers spent floating around the galaxy instead of spending time with their families, EA has got the numbers for you.

Over the weekend of December 25th, players spent more than 5.5 million hours immersed in Star Wars: The Old Republic – and while we don’t have the corresponding figure for the amount of time people spent eating turkey, we’re still mighty impressed.

Since the game’s launch back on December 20th, The Old Republic has seen an unprecedented amount of player engagement. With an average review score of 88, a collection of 105 industry awards and more than 1.6 million fans watching the freeze mob video linked above, here’s SW:TOR‘s success, by the numbers:

  • Over 60 million in-game hours
    (roughly equivalent to watching all six Star Wars movies over 4 million times*)
  • Over 850,000 Sith Warriors created
  • Over 810,000 Jedi Knights created
  • Over 260 million quests completed
  • Over 44 million PvP battles
  • Over 9 million space combat missions completed
  • Over 3 billion NPCs killed

*Note for the purists: It’s also roughly equivalent to watching the three “real” Star Wars movies over 8 million times.

…and just because it’s the holiday season and the game’s a raaaging success, don’t assume that either EA or BioWare are slacking off. Far from it – the pair have teamed up again to release a shiny new patch for Star Wars: The Old Republic, bringing the game up to v1.01.

Focussing on “several high-priority bugs”, the dev team has put in some fixes for Taris performance issues, annoying pending mission awards, and those unharvestable gathering nodes are now a thing of the past. In addition to those major fixes, there are also some smaller tweaks, specifically tidying up Flashpoint and Operation.

For the full patch notes, head to the game’s website, and smile just a little bit when you get to the part in the changelog which mentions the “remaining baby names” have been added to the credits. Adorable.

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