Welcome to Player Attack!

Happy holidays, gamers! This year, under the tree, we found something pretty special – a brand new website! playerattack has officially been retired, and replaced with the new, super-shiny, super-purple Player Attack!

Player Attack

All the games news you want - now with extra attack force

There’s a few things different, and a lot of things the same (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?). We’re still collating the same sort of news – more of it, in fact – and our weekly vidcast news round-up will be returning in 2012. Our file library is still frequently and regularly updated with all the latest patches, videos and other files, and we’re always combing the internets for the freshest screenshots and images to share with you.

Most things should have shifted over seamlessly – there’s an awful lot of redirection going on behind the scenes – but please, if you spot something that doesn’t work, let us know and we’ll splash some more bug spray around the place.

Thank you to everybody who’s been involved so far behind-the-scenes (particularly Punkley and elroy online) – this is a big step for playerattack, and we’re glad you could join us.

Raise your glasses, here’s to 2012!

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