Game of Thrones RPG gets new trailer, website

Winter is coming. Technically, as today is the solstice, Winter is leaving, but there’s still a deep cold on the horizon – the Winter of Westeros, as Cyanide continues to work on the RPG adaptation of Game of Thrones.

Today, we’ve got an all-new trailer for the game, which heralds the launch of the official website. Both new offerings focus on The Wall, and both feature a pretty good idea of just what’s in store.

The Wall looms in frozen silence, steadfast in its ancient role of protecting Westeros from the dangers that lie to the far north. It is here the brothers of the Night’s Watch keep their vigil, forsaking all else to the Wall’s defense be it family, wealth or warmth. Duty to the Watch is all. However, sometimes the greatest threats to those who man the Wall do not come from the North.

We still don’t know much about the Game of Thrones RPG, but it’s being built with the Unreal Engine, and has been approved – and assisted – by George R.R. Martin himself. Taking obvious inspiration from the recent HBO television adaptation, it’s not known quite which storyline the game will adhere to, or if it will take an original path.

Cyanide recently finished work on the strategy adaptation A Game of Thrones: Genesis, which received mixed reviews on release.

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