EA responds to Australian Syndicate banning

Electronic Arts will not be appealing the Australian Classification Board decision to effectively ban the upcoming Syndicate reboot.

In a statement released by the company, a spokesperson referred to Australia’s “arcane censorship”, and confirmed that Syndicate will not be released in Australia.

It’s regrettable that government policy in Australia is denying adults the right to play Syndicate. The game will be not be available in Australia despite its enthusiastic response from fans. We were encouraged by the government’s recent agreement to adopt an 18+ age rating for games. However, delays continue to force an arcane censorship on games – cuts that would never be imposed on books or movies. We urge policy makers to take swift action to implement an updated policy that reflects today’s market and gives its millions of adult consumers the right to make their own content choices.

The decision not to appeal the Syndicate decision, explains EA, is one based in artistic integrity. Starbreeze has developed a game targeting a “mature audience“, and any changes made to that game would significantly impact on its quality and appeal.


However, there’s still a glimmer of positivity for gamers in the southern hemisphere – Syndicate will be released in New Zealand, uncensored and uncut, on February 24, 2012, proudly emblazoned with an R18 rating.

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