PlayStation Vita gets Firmware 1.50 update

After a successful but not mind-blowing launch in Japan over the weekend, Sony has already released a shiny new firmware update for the PlayStation Vita, bringing the new handheld up to v1.50.

PlayStation Vita: Firmware Update Required

PlayStation Vita: Firmware Update Required

In a frustrating twist, Sony‘s official update information page for the console (it’s in Japanese, of course) doesn’t reveal much about what’s included in the update, reports Andriasang.

Many gamers are in two minds about the situation. Those who had imported the handheld, hoping for a little sneaky gaming straight out of the box have been sorely denied – in a move “entering the realm of self-parody” according 1UP editor-in-chief Jeremy Parrish.

Others are taking a more holistic view, declaring that the update is a sign of bigger things to come. Both the PS3 and PSP are frequently updated and tweaked by the manufacturer, and it seems the Vita may well follow in their footsteps.

If you’d like to know more about the handheld – still a few months away in Western territories, Sony has published an online Vita User Guide – in English – which will give you a head start on all the cool new features packed into this sleek package.

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