Steam Holiday Sale takes things to extremes

It’s December. That means, among other things, ’tis the season where everybody comes up with clever plans to separate you from your hard-earned cash. Today’s example: The latest Steam Holiday Sales.

Steam Holiday Sale

Have you been naughty, or nice?

For many people, those three words are enough. If you’ve already clicked over to though, we do have a few more details for you.

There are, as always, a bunch of great deals on great games, including some always-changing daily deals available for 24 hours each. (Right now, snag Fable III, the complete Sam & Max series, Portal 2, Metro 2033 and Orcs Must Die for bargain prices – among others too numerous to mention!)

That’s all a bit standard though, so there are two exciting new competitive elements thrown in as well.

The Great Gift Pile has been designed for gamers who might have more time than money. Each day until January 1st, a new set of six objectives will be revealed on the Great Gift Pile website. These will include elements tucked away in Steam-powered games and other in-game achievements.

Completing each objective will grant the opportunity to win big! You can score discount coupons to save money on select games – or snag a new title completely free.

Steam Holiday Sale 2011

The Great Gift Pile

…but you might not win, and rather than receiving something from the Great Gift Pile, you’ll find a lump of coal. Don’t throw it away though, that’s where the second part of the competition comes in.

On one hand, you could smoosh your coal together and magically mix it all up into a gift from the Great Gift Pile. If that all seems a little pedestrian for you, then just hang onto those blackened lumps.

Simply put: Coal could be your Golden Ticket. The more coal you have, the more entries you’ll receive in the Epic Holiday Giveaway. And if you’ve stuck around Steam for any amount of time, you’ll know that when they say “Epic”, they mean pretty huge.

The major prize in this year’s Epic Holiday Giveaway?
Every single game on Steam.

Work alone, work in groups, team up and combine your coal, trade games or codes, and generally spread the holiday cheer. For more information about the giveaway and the massive Holiday Sale, head to the official website, and don’t forget – in amongst all of those crazy achievements are some pretty solid savings. Get amongst it!

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