New Plants vs Zombies mode hits iOS

Plants vs. Zombies has been around for a couple of years now, but the leafy lurching’s showing no signs of slowing down just yet. PopCap Games has just launched a holiday update for the iOS version of the game, introducing a new game mode, leaderboards, new achivements, mystery sprouts and – of course – festive hats.

[img_big]center,4393,2011-12-15/IMG_0024.jpg,Deck the halls with boughs and zombies![/img_big]

While I’m sure you can figure out that the hats are the traditional red and white numbers, the new gameplay mode is something a bit special. I, Zombie has already been super-successful in the PC, Mac, XBLA and DS versions, but this is the first time it’s come to your iDevice. Finally, you’re given the opportunity to play as the undead, taking all your anger out on those darn pea-shooters!

There’s one free level included with the update – if you want more, there’s another 8, plus Endless mode available through Crazy Dave’s shop as in-app purchases.

…and yes, PvZ now features GameCenter leaderboard support so you can compare your scores with friends and fans, four new achievements: Better Off Dead, I,Win, Where the Sun don’t Shine, and Undead Space, and Bronze, Silver and Gold Mystery Sprouts thrown into the mix. Nom.

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