Team Fortress 2 celebrates Christmas, Aussie-style

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, thanks to Valve and their partnership with New Zealand artist Greg Broadmore. The two have teamed up to create the second annual “Australian Christmas” update for Team Fortress 2 (yes, even though Greg’s not from the land Down Under). This time around, there’s two “retro-futuristic” class packs for the Engineer and the Pyro, featuring Greg’s unique “Dr. Grodbort” stylings.

Greg has a day job at Weta Workshop, creating bits and pieces for the film industry, but his personal side projects are equally impressive – including the giant Tripod statue in Wellington, New Zealand, designed to honour the screen industry. His work for TF2 is – as you may have guessed – a little bit awesome.

Team Fortress 2 - Australian Christmas 2011

Team Fortress 2 - Australian Christmas 2011

As well as the two class packs, there are 14 new holiday-themed weapons, hats and other aesthetic items thrown in, thought up by the TF2 community’s item creators and the Steam Workshop functionality.

There’s also a new five-cap control point map, CP_Foundry that’s been designed by the TF2 team at Valve, complete with 12 map-specific achievements.

Still not festive enough for you? The Mann Co. in-game store is slashing prices on more than 50 items, with savings of up to 75% kicking in until January 2nd 2012 – and if you don’t want to pay, the in-game item drop rate will be doubled for the first week of the Australian Christmas event.

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