Alan Wake is heading to PC

Alan Wake, the popular Xbox 360 exclusive, is not so exclusive anymore as Remedy Entertainment has announced a PC release coming in early 2012. The PC version will also include the already released DLC packs, The Signal and The Writer.

Alan Wake tells the story of a popular writer who is having some trouble on his next novel. He escapes with his wife to the friendly, small town of Bright Falls. But soon it doesn’t seem so friendly. Shortly after arriving he passes out, his wife goes missing and he wakes up in a nightmare. He finds pages to his next manuscript he can’t remember writing, which is now coming true.

His story is heading to PC

Alan Wake is coming to PC in the first quarter of 2012. It is in the same release window as Alan Wake: American Nightmare heads to XLBA. Are you prepare to help Alan Wake figure out the mysterious that surround him?

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