Aion set to go free to play in Europe

Gameforge has teamed up with NCsoft to bring their popular MMO Aion into a free to play model. Players will be able to download and play the award winning game without paying any costs come February 2012. The game will launch across France, Germany and the UK first and accessible across Western Europe.

With the announcement they have released a trailer showing off their title. If you haven’t seen or played Aion before, prepare for many wings.

Gameforge Executive Director Alexander Rösner welcomed the partnership and commented on how that this will help both companies while still keeping the community happy.

In Aionwe have received a flagship title for our MMO sector which perfectly complements our current portfolio. We have worked hard with NCsoft to develop a fair free-to-play model for new players as well as the current community. In the future we will of course continue to develop new content and extend it, working in close cooperation with the players.

At this time the free to play version seems to only be announced for Europe. It is unsure if this will be available worldwide or will become open to the rest of the world at a later date. It is also unsure at this time if they will limited free players or use a micro-transaction system. Only time will tell for the future of Aion, here is hoping we get some more details before February.

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