Deadmau5 annoys management, earns gamer points

Deadmau5, DJ/Producer of electro/house music, seemingly took to his twitter to inform the world he has lost his Playstation Vita and accidentally left it in a cab while travelling. In an effort to find the missing unit, management were on the phone to the cab company for over three hours.

This was all a troll.

The Playstation Vita, which is said to be the only one outside of Sony or developer grasp, was safe and sound with the artist the entire time. He just wanted to see how much management would “freak out” over the missing unit. Stating on his twitter account the following.

Sorry! didn’t lose the lose the PS Vita! i just wanted to see how much management would freak out over it, trolololol. i’d never lose this thing, love it too much. 😀

Posting a picture of the unit safe and sound didn’t seem to satisfy as he headed to uStream to show him and the unit live over the internet.

It wasn’t all jokes for the artist, he managed to not only meet Shigeru Miyamoto but get his signature next to his Legend of Zelda tattoo. The normal response to this, of course, is to get the signature tattooed as well!

Miyamoto's signature now inked into Deadmau5

Deadmau5 in a weekend seems to have made many gamers around the world jealous and management very annoyed. Sounds like a good weekend. If you don’t believe the signature is the real deal, he has posted some images to his Facebook to prove it.

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