9 Interview: Tin Man Games

Tin Man Games is an Australian development studio, based half in Melbourne and half in the UK. That great geographic divide hasn’t stopped the company from having a pretty amazing year, with the ongoing success of Gamebook Adventures for iOS, and the big announcements of a couple of new projects on the way.

At this year’s Game Connect Asia Pacific, the two leading Tin Men, Neil and Ben, spoke all about the importance of building a successful brand – something they’ve clearly achieved with their Gamebook Adventures series, which is up to #7, and even more are in the works.

They also had a Big Reveal up their collective sleeves, and we were lucky enough to grab both the boys to ask them a few questions about what they’ve been up to, what they’re working on now, and what the future holds. Here’s a hint: They are the Law.

Somehow, in our conversation, we managed to overlook Tin Man‘s most recent achievement! Gamebook Adventures 7: Temple of the Spider God was released in October, and quickly claimed the #1 iPhone Dice Game title in five countries (including the UK), as well as sneaking into top 10 charts all over the world for both RPG and Dice Games. It also got “very close” to breaking the Top 100 Games chart for iPhone and iPad in both the US and the UK – no mean feat for an indie niche title!

The success of Spider God, and now the looming releases of both Judge Dredd and Gun Dogs, combined with the platform leaps already in the works – it’s going to be a big 2012 for Tin Man Games. Keep an eye out!

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