Mojang plans progress for mobile Minecraft

As a bunch, we’re never satisfied, are we? Mojang only recently ported Minecraft to mobile devices, and already we’re complaining that it doesn’t do enough stuff, that we want more features, more shiny, more bang for our buck.

Lucky for us, as a bunch, the guys at Mojang are pretty awesome, and they’re already working on putting more awesome into the package that is Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Spokesperson Daniel Kaplan explains that now the iOS version is on the virtual shelves, the team can get back to working on updating and improving the game – the delay was necessary, to bring iOS up to par with the already-released Android version.

The plan now is to start digging into making Minecraft – Pocket Edition with Survival features!! Please note that we will NOT replicate Minecraft and try to bring all the features that are already out. This is not possible and does not match the touch platform. I’m trying to be as detailed as possible to show you why some stuff may take some time.

The current list, according to Daniel’s blog post includes:

  • A new file system – to make sure we can support items and mobs in the world
  • Item system – to be able to pick up items
    Crafting – we know you want this 🙂 This will probably need some iterations since the interface will be customized for the touch devices
  • Inventory system
  • Mobs – animals and enemies!
  • Optimizing rendering code – we are experimenting with caves but need to make it work better before we are able to release it
  • Clean up of code and overall optimization

Daniel also points out – in case you hadn’t noticed – that there are no dates mentioned for any of these pocket-sized Minecraft updates. They will happen when they happen. In the meantime, keep your iOS or Android device updated and running smoothly, so you’re best prepared!

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