Square Enix: FFXIII-3 registration a "precaution"

In case you hadn’t noticed, a number of gamers these days tend to play a little real-world detective in addition to their on-screen antics. They hunt down trademark filings, domain registrations and other seemingly innocent bits and pieces, which (if you squint) reveal new games, sequels, spin-offs and reboots.

But sometimes, things are not as they seem. Earlier this year, a trademark filing for Final Fantasy XIII-3 popped up, causing more than a few ripples among the J-RPG fanbase.

[img_big]center,7399,2011-12-01/6944111128_eventUS_02_RGB.jpg,Final Fantasy XIII-2[/img_big]

As fans around the world contemplated what could be included in a sequel to the upcoming FFXIII-2, currently in the works at Square Enix, it seems the Japanese developers remained largely oblivious.

After being questioned about the existence of FFXIII-3, Square Enix PR man Akio Ofuji confessed he’d first heard about the project online. He’d later done a little digging within Square Enix and revealed the truth, hwich he shared on the latest Square Enix Channel radio broadcast.

The official statement from Square Enix labels the trademark filing merely “a precaution”, which the company’s US department had deemed necessary, to avoid potential cyber-squatters.

Nobody has ruled out the potential development of FFXIII-3 somewhere down the track, but – for now – you’ll just have to twiddle your thumbs and wait ever-so-patiently for FFXIII-2, due out early next year in the US, Europe and the rest of the world – Japan gets their copy on December 15th.

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