Gears of War 3 not a console mover

Despite the fact that Gears of War 3 is – undeniably – a pretty awesome game, industry analysts are reporting that it hasn’t made any significant impact on the number of Xbox 360 consoles being sold.

Michael Pachter explains:

It’s a great game, the biggest exclusive by far, but it is far from the best selling 360 game. It’s also a hard core game, and #3 in the series, so not much of a system seller (the hard core already had 360s and bought Gears 1 and 2). So I don’t buy into the argument it helps them compete.

[img_big]center,45,2010-07-21/Dom_Charging.png,Gears of War 3[/img_big]

While it happily pinched the traditional Halo release window, Gears of War 3 did so in a year where we’ve been spoiled for choice – up against Skyrim (which sold 3.5m copies in two days), as well as new editions of both Call of Duty and Battlefield.

That said, the game has sold 3 million units in quick succession, so it has by no means failed at its goal. A release post-mortem over at Industry Gamers takes a fascinating look at exactly what Epic‘s latest masterpiece has achieved.

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