9 Interview: Black Lab Games

Specialising in “downloadable games and content with a hint of nostalgic flavour”, Australian developer Black Lab Games arrived on the scene in 2010 with the impressive, turn-based Star Hammer Tactics.

Originally designed and released as part of the PSP Minis project, and later via the PlayStation Network for PS3, company owner Paul Turbett decided to take the game in a new direction in 2011. Rather than simply revamp bits and pieces, he’s chosen to completely rewrite the game to better suit the touch-based interface of the iPad.

We caught up with Paul at this year’s Game Connect Asia Pacific and asked him a few questions about game development, his home city of Perth, and – of course – the all-new Star Hammer Tactics.

The game itself features an intuitive touch-based interface, combined with some crisp and colourful HD graphics and very shiny 3D rendering and brand new camera angles during combat. Gameplay itself has been revamped, meaning that anybody can pick up and play Star Hammer Tactics in minutes – all you need is an iPad!

That’s enough about the specs though – what about the story? Star Hammer Tactics features a 15-scenario single-player campaign mode, which sees gamers playing as a naval strike group commander. Your task: Defend the planet Novus from the evil alien menace – the Nautilids – in a fast and furious tactical battle game.

If you’re not a fan of that one, take on a friend in a hotseat multiplayer match as you duel to the death!

[img_three]5408,2011-12-06/Star_Hammer_Tactics_Apple_iPad_-_01.jpg,2011-12-06/Star_Hammer_Tactics_Apple_iPad_-_04.jpg,2011-12-06/Star_Hammer_Tactics_Apple_iPad_-_05.jpg,Click to embiggen[/img_three]

The all-new version of Star Hammer Tactics throws in Game Center support, leaderboards and achievements, so even if you’ve played it before, it’s well worth checking out… and to throw in just that little bit more persuasion, Star Hammer Tactics is currently part of the Aussie App Sale, meaning you can pick it up for a song!

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