Silent Scope cancellation slashes jobs at Day 1

While F.E.A.R. 3 was released to some critical acclaim, it seems that Chicago-based developer Day 1 Studios is having a little trouble trying to follow it up. The studio was hard at work on a new rendition of classic arcade shooter Silent Scope, but we’re hearing that the publishing deal with Konami has allegedly fallen through.

Day 1 Studios

An uncertain future

As a result of losing the contract, Day 1 has been forced to lay off 95% of the team working on the game – roughly 100 people. Gamespot reports that a smaller, secondary team remains at the studio, working on an as-yet-unnamed project – with no mention of F.3.A.R.2 or anything of the sort.

Day 1 has been around for 10 years, making a name for itself just a year after being founded with the smash MechAssault, released for the Xbox. A sequel followed in 2004, before the team created Fracture for LucasArts and then took a slightly different approach, taking over from Monolith on spooky sequel F.E.A.R. 3.

It’s not known at this stage what title, genre or platform Day 1 is currently working on.

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