Official Minecraft Lego in the works from Mojang

Official Minecraft Lego sets. That’s the dream, shared by countless gamers across the globe – including the fellas at Mojang Specifications.

LEGO Minecraft

...perhaps something like this?

Posting on fan site Lego Cuusoo, where gamers and fans have posted ideas for future Lego sets, a Mojang representative explains:

Seeing LEGO Minecraft sets is also our dream.

It’s clear to us that there are many creative people with good ideas for this and we want to throw our own hat into the ring and start this project to bring the best LEGO Minecraft builders together.

…and the combination makes a lot of sense, really – one is a game which uses blocks to create anything you desire in a virtual space. The other uses the same concept but in the real world.

Minecraft and LEGO were meant to be together.

And rather than working on it internally, or bringing in developers who might not understand the blocky intricacies of either Lego or Minecraft, Mojang are working with a couple of fans to collaborate on future projects with Lego Group.

The team is also calling for your ideas, so if you’ve been working on a Lego Minecraft model, you might find your work featured!

As the official Mojang LEGO Minecraft project, we will work with the LEGO Group to secure a licensing agreement and donate the 1% royalty from LEGO CUUSOO to charity. Let’s make LEGO Minecraft happen together!! =D

We’ll keep you posted – Lego and Mojang are both working together on the project, but details are pretty slim at this early stage.

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