Resident Evil: Revelations reveals a little story

While gamers around the world are a little bit distracted by hints of Resident Evil 6, Capcom would like you to come back to the job at hand: Resident Evil: Revelations – and we’ve got a shiny new video to show off what they’ve been working on.

In case you missed it, that’s your introduction to the Federal Bioterrorism Commission (FBC), who is responsible for investigating the Veltro group within Resident Evil: Revelations.

Morgan Lansdale is head of the FBC, and he’s been working closely with BSAA chief O’Brian, as well as Jessica Sherawat and Parker Luciani – both former FBC members now working with the BSAA. Their task: Discovering the truth about the bio-terrorism attack on Terragrigia.

If that wasn’t enough, Capcom also has two new characters that you’ll be playing as (or with) in Revelations‘ Raid Mode.

Resident Evil Revelations - Quint Ketchum

Resident Evil Revelations - Quint Ketchum

That’s Quint Ketchum:

With a habit for constantly making movie references, Quint is the BSAA’s resident geek and tech specialist. Has an undeniably good rapport with Keith.

The Genesis System was built on many of Quint’s own ideas.

Resident Evil Revelations - Keith Lumley

Resident Evil Revelations - Keith Lumley

And that cheery fellow is Keith Lumley:

A member of the BSAA, appearing for the first time in this game. As smart-alecky as he looks, he is nevertheless a top agent, in league with the likes of Jill and Chris.

When it comes to close-quarters combat, Keith relies on a pair of long blades called “Kukuri.”

His trademark headphones were actually designed and built by him.

Quint and Keith join previously-confirmed favourites Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, as well as new BSAA recruits Jessica and Parker. Raid Mode in Resident Evil: Revelations gives you the opportunity to compete alone – or with a partner – in two-player co-op attack, earning points to upgrade your character and weaponry.

(Resident Evil 6 update, for those interested: Thanks to another voice actor, we’re told the game will be set in China, and – if word on the street is correct, yes, there will be zombies.)

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