Real-world Mario Karts can really jump

The latest incarnation of Mario Kart is looking seven different kinds of awesome, as it trundles this way exclusively for the 3DS.

Similarly, this U.S. commercial for the game is also pretty wonderful, starring real-world actors, cars and tracks – but surely it’s all CG, right?

Nope. That’s pretty much real-world footage – the effects have been added in later, as well as the item boxes and other objects that you can spot floating around the track – but the karts, the drivers and the stunts are all real – kinda.

Here’s a couple of clips of the stunt driving team to show off just how they did it – including an impressive double-crane/ramp combo to achieve Mario’s stunning jump.

The only thing cooler than checking out these teeny tiny clips would be the opportunity to watch the karts getting up to more action. Let’s all flutter our eyes at Nintendo and Drivers Inc and hope they can deliver!

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