Call of Duty Elite celebrates stability – finally

Call of Duty Elite has had a rocky time of it, to put it politely. Ridiculously hyped prior to launch, the service crumbled under the weight of every single gamer in the world trying to connect when Modern Warfare 3 hit shelves earlier this month.

Activision and Beachhead worked tirelessly on the project, expanding server capacities, improving stability and generally trying to keep the troubled service alive.

Finally – three weeks after release, it’s finally here, and finally working (mostly). Vice president of production at Activision, Daniel Suarez, explains that:

Overall functionality for the average user is probably at 95 percent.

There are a few issues with clan invites, but we already have fixes in the works.

…there aren’t too many issues, as more than 100,000 clans have already signed up.

So. In case you can’t remember what all the fuss is about, Activision has released a shiny new trailer – “Play Together Better”, to refresh your memories and celebrate the re-launch of the service.

And no, no updates on when the PC version of Elite will land – but we have been reassured (again) that it’s a “when”, and definitely not an “if”.

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