Korean MapleStory fans hit by security breach

Korean publisher Nexon has gone into damage control following a security breach which affected their local MapleStory servers late last week. Specifically, the accounts of more than 13.2 million Korean online gamers were compromised, but Nexon is quick to point out that the trouble was not widespread.

We operate separate servers in each country. Only Korean users’ information was affected.



That said, more than three quarters of the 18 million MapleStory fans in the region have learned that their user ID, real name, password and residential registration number may have been leaked to “unidentified hackers”. Both registration numbers (similar to Social Security numbers) and passwords were encrypted, but Nexon is encouraging everybody to change their passwords for the game as well as any other online site.

The attack occurred last Thursday, with Nexon quickly requesting a police investigation and bringing the case to the attention of the telecommunications regulator.

This is the second largest Korean online security breach: Back in August 2011, private details of 35 million users were leaked. They were all customers of the Nate search engine or Cyworld social networking site.

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