Survey suggests new Call of Juarez approaching

Ubisoft is asking gamers what they thought about Call of Juarez: The Cartel (beyond, we imagine, “It was terrible.“).

In a survey sent via the Uplay system, people who own the game are being questioned about which consoles they own, which Call of Juarez is their favourite (the original, prequel Bound in Blood or this year’s The Cartel), which character they picked, which gameplay elements and features they liked (and did not like), and how they would rate The Cartel.

[img_big]center,7947,2011-08-19/CallofJuarezTheCartel-S_TEAM.jpg,Call of Juarez: The Cartel[/img_big]

The questions also suggest that there may be more to come from the franchise, hinting at the return of Reverend Ray McCall.

The Gaming Liberty reports that Ubisoft are even seeking input about what story elements and set pieces gamers want to see in video games. For those who didn’t receive the email, here are the choices:

  • Hunting an outlaw in the rocky mountains
  • Defending a ranch attacked by Mexican pistolleros
  • Preventing a bank robbery
  • Rescuing an innocent man about to be hanged up
  • Taking part in a shooting contest
  • A gun duel in the empty main street of a town against your worst enemy
  • Guarding a fort against a group of outlaws
  • Helping a man to escape from the sheriff’s office
  • Defending a train attacked by Native Americans on horses
  • A gunfight in a saloon after a poker game
  • Preventing outlaws from pillaging a gold mine
  • A fusillade between lawmen and outlaws

So – from the sounds of things, Techland and Ubisoft may have learned from their mistakes, seemingly wanting to right the wrongs of The Cartel. Whether or not that’s what they should be doing with their time is another question – doesn’t Techland have another popular IP it should be working on, instead?

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