2K Australia returns to work on BioShock Infinite

After changing names more frequently than some people change their socks, the Canberra, Australia studio belonging to 2K Games has gone back to an old favourite: 2K Australia.

This comes after original name Irrational Games was scrapped in favour of adopting the parent company branding, and a later change to 2K Marin when working on XCOM.

Now, the change of label comes with a change of focus: The studio is no longer developing the troubled XCOM reboot, handing all duties over to the Californian arm of 2K Marin.

[img_big]center,58,2010-09-22/23_original.jpg,BioShock Infinite[/img_big]

Instead, 2K Australia, itself dogged by rumours of job cuts and instability, has revealed that it will be working alongside Boston’s Irrational Games on the eagerly-anticipated BioShock Infinite.

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