Original voice actors return to Silent Hill

After copping some hefty flak over the decision to use replacement voice actors in the upcoming release of the Silent Hill HD Collection, Konami and Hijinx can now confirm that – for Silent Hill 2 at least, the original voices will be accessible at the touch of a button.

[img_big]center,8272,2011-09-16/SH2_Historical_society_01.jpg,Silent Hill 2[/img_big]

Series producer Tomm Hulett took to Facebook to make the announcement:

Producer Devin Shatsky and I have been striving to make this a reality for some time, and it’s exciting tso have created the definitive SH2 experience. We would like to thank all of the original voice cast as well as Jeremy Blaustein, who were all instrumental in making this happen.

The decision has been made to include the original voices as “an option” in the game, which is apparently so that fans and newcomers alike can experience the “classic horror tale” either with new, remastered voice performances, or the original 2001 recordings, depending on their preferences.

“Unfortunately,” says Hulett – despite their best efforts, Silent Hill 3 will only feature new voices.

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