Demolicious: Something Strange this way comes

You might have been fooled into thinking that game developers are significantly lacking in the realm of “spare time”, what with the crunch periods and the long hours and all of the bad press given to the industry.

However, a bunch of people working in the industry are here to shatter those assumptions – not only are they working full-time at various Big Name game studios, they’ve found a few extra hours to put the time in on a side project, an indie dev studio called Strange Games and its first title: Demolicious.

The six-man team behind Strange Games have been friends for ten years, since they met at the University of Advancing Technology in Arizona, back in 2001.

While studying, they created the Dodgeball Source mod, which was nominated for an IGF award, but after graduation they headed their separate ways, moving on to develop games like Spec Ops: The Line, Condemned 2, F.E.A.R. 2 and Gears of War.

These days, most of the team are still putting in the long hours working on AAA projects, but the plan is to shift to Strange Games in the not-so-distant future, after Demolicious hits mobile platforms later this year.

Technical director Ken Mayfield is currently working on Spec Ops: The Line after finishing up at Gears of War. He explains:

Especially around 2005 time when AAA shooters were starting to boom, everyone wanted to make the biggest, most awesome blockbuster game.

It’s fun up to a point, but the real fun is sitting down with your buddies, making a game that’s not all that serious and utilising the knowledge we’ve picked up from AAA development. Putting those together I think is where the real money is at.

Mayfield is the only member of Strange Games who has been identified – the other five are keeping quiet until their AAA work is all finished and released.

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