WoW: Mists of Pandaria talent calculator launched

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria is still a fairly long way off, with Blizzard not even hinting at the merest suggestion of a release date yet.

But if you simply cannot wait, the powers that be have granted you an early wish, unveiling the new talent calculator for Mists of Pandaria well in advance of the game itself.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria


It’s a pretty significant revamp which aims to make levelling more relevant. Rather than picking how to spend your talent points every few levels, you’ll instead be faced with a selection of abilities to pick from.

Already facing consumer backlash, Blizzard has pointed out that in the past, while gamers had the illusion of choice, most people still made the same decisions and picked the same talents.

And of course, it’s all still a work in progress, with blue poster Bashiok taking to the forums to explain that Blizzard is looking for your feedback in order to make essential changes.

A lot of times we say things like “not final” and “may change” as verbal wiggle room should we decide we need to go a different direction, or are unable to complete something in time. In this case of the Mists of Pandaria calculator data is essentially pre-alpha, and will absolutely change in many ways.

It was important for us to get this stuff in front of you as soon as possible though (and as a work in progress as it is) to get your feedback, which will in no small part influence that change. We also wanted to present everything on a single page to give you a fuller context for the initial talent changes we announced at BlizzCon, and to see how the overall structure of core abilities, spec abilities, and talents will function, with concrete examples.

He goes on to explain that some elements included in the calculator are “experimental”, while others reflect experiments that have “outright failed” and are already on the chopping block to be revised or replaced.

At last month’s BlizzCon, the developers held Q&A sessions about talents when it comes to Mists of Pandaria, and Bashiok is quick to point out that topics raised at those discussions, and recent online public chats, have not been ignored, even though they may not appear in the calculator yet.

Odds are good that if it looks like we’ve forgotten some critical piece of a particular class toolkit, it’s either accounted for elsewhere, or simply a data glitch (e.g., Prayer of Healing is currently absent from the calculator – we are not taking Prayer of Healing away from priests, and Devastate for warriors probably won’t sunder armor 453%). Our hope is that revealing the calculator in this state will shed light on the philosophy behind our talent overhaul, and let you get a sense of how pieces of your core rotational gameplay, such as Hot Streak, Riptide, or Sudden Doom, fit into the new system.

So. Have you had a chance to check it all out yet? There’s plenty of things to poke at, buttons to click and stuff to play with. “Any and all feedback is very welcome,” says Blizzard – if you want to have your say, head to the official Mists of Pandaria forum.

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