Fantastic Surf makes waves on iOS

Many major surf events in Australia are sponsored by a particular brand of instant ramen-style noodles. Nobody seems quite sure why, although perhaps a big cup of just-add-hot-water goodness is exactly what one needs after a big day on the waves.

Those cups certainly do hit the spot after a marathon gaming session, so this next move makes a little more sense: The Fantastic Surf app for iOS, which combines instant noodles, surfing and mobile gaming all into one handy package. No water required.

Imagine the best surfing game in the world. Now imagine this one; it’s even better.

Promising that it’s “no surf sim”, Fantastic Surf has been released to celebrate the recent Fantastic Noodles Kangaroo Island Pro surf event – the first world title ASP competition held in South Australia.

The game features three elements:
Tricks Mode contains eight “increasingly tough” levels, which see trick combos and time limits getting more challenging as you progress. The biggest and best tricks mean the biggest and best scores, of course!

Catch a Cup: Pick the required cups from the air “with only your manual dexterity to save you”. Nimble fingers and precise timing will help you out in this one, and there are eight levels for you to explore.

Shark Run is an obvious one for fans of Australian beaches, but it comes with a tasty twist: Not only must you outrun (outswim? outsurf?) the angry shark, but you’ll also have to dodge noodles and giant pieces of corn while you’re at it.

[img_big]center,8660,2011-11-22/FS_IMG_1129.PNG,Fantastic Surf[/img_big]

As shown in the video, you’re also able to customise your surfer, pick your board and unlock add-ons to enable some nifty tricks. Next time you pick up a cup of Fantastic Noodles, make sure you scan your barcode too – it’ll unlock new levels, character models and add-ons, no questions asked.

Sure, Fantastic Surf is all a little ridiculous, and more than a little cheesy (or, um, “noodley”). It is, however, also a little fun, and for the price (it’s free!), it’s a bargain. And now I’m hungry. You head to the App Store, I’m going to the kitchen.

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