Borderlands 2: Gearbox looking for Lilith

Ever wanted to be in a video game? How about Borderlands 2? If you’re a lady, aged between 18 and 30, and bear “sufficient plausible resemblance” to Lilith, then the job’s yours!

You do not need any past acting or modelling experience, but you will be expected to be good at following instructions, and able to exhibit a “range” of facial expressions and emotions.

In the Borderlands universe, a Siren can project a live-action image of herself into the minds of those she wishes to communicate with. Your look need not be exact, but expressive of Lilith in the mind’s eye – similar to how the Guardian Angel was portrayed in the original Borderlands.

(Additional Lilith inspirational images on Flickr.)

Sound like you? There’s a catch: You’ll need to be able to get to Dallas, Texas during the first three weeks of December, for testing and shooting activities (that’s shooting with a camera, not with a gun, btw).

Lilith from Borderlands


There are two ways to apply:

    Online Application – Submissions close December 3rd:

  • Use the form at to submit images and information.
  • Please submit a minimum of one photograph of your face.
  • Feel free to submit more if you feel that you can convince us with your expressive range. Close-ups of facial features, especially the eyes, are helpful.
  • Select online applicants will be invited to attend a more in-depth screen test.
    Open Casting Call:

  • An open casting call will be held in Dallas, TX during the first two weeks of December. This listing will be updated with time and location beforehand.
  • You only need to bring yourself – we’ll have cameras for headshots and forms to collect your information.
  • Candidates may receive a call-back with the option to proceed to the next round.
  • The next round will be a more in-depth screen test.
  • Select candidates will be invited to attend a more in-depth screen test.

To be eligible, Gearbox explains that you MUST use either the online application or attend the open casting call – emails, phonecalls and other submissions will not be considered.

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