Borderlands is back – in book form

Roland is a soldier. Specifically, he’s the entire Soldier class from Borderlands, and he’s set to play a starring role in a shiny new novel: Borderlands: The Fallen, due out this week.

Borderlands: The Fallen

A real page-turner

It’s been written by John Shirley, who also put pen to paper for BioShock: Rapture, and hits shelves (real and virtual) Tuesday November 22nd.

As you may suspect, Roland’s task is to simply exist, to eke out a living on the most dangerous planet in the galaxy. Fortunately for him, he’s ruthless, well-armed and “tougher than skag hide”, not to mention the impressive weaponry he’s got strung about his person.

Here’s the introduction for you, taken from this 40-page exerpt lovingly made available by Gearbox Software.

Riding in the bus from the spaceport to Fyrestone, looking out the dusty, louvered window at the craggy gray-blue landscape, the aluminum-blue sky, McNee can’t believe he’d talked himself into coming back to this vicious planet.

It was all Roland’s fault. Roland knows that McNee likes him. Took to him almost like a son—McNee is old enough to be Roland’s old man. Takes advantage, that Roland, that’s what he does, damn his eyes …

I’d give you a better rundown of the story, but – let’s face it – if you’re into video game novelisations, you’ll already know if you’re into this one, regardless of what storyline may or may not exist within its pages.

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