Minecraft surrounds itself with numbers, trailers

The fellas at Mojang Specifications have some big numbers for you when it comes to Minecraft.

Firstly: 1.0 – that’s the version number of the latest release of the game, which has finally made it out of beta.

241,920,000 is the number of logins per month, which translates to 1,000 logins per hour (and 4,000 logins per second following the launch of 1.0).

The launcher has downloaded 2,000,000,000 files – and there are 11,000 skins downloaded – in-game – per second.

More than 16,781,860 people have registered their copy of Minecraft (72,720 in the past 24 hours), and 4,126,719 have actually purchased the game.

Another important number: 360 – because that, plus Xbox, is where the game will be popping up next. Here’s the official trailer, starring Mojang staff, and – of course – proud papa Notch.

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