US Weekly questions Notch over Prince William

Every now and then, it’s important to remember that while our lives are so totally consumed by gaming, there are other people out there who don’t think twice about our preferred entertainment medium.

Take this recent email discussion, for example. The gaming community was focussed on Las Vegas this weekend for the inaugural MineCon gathering – a celebration of Minecraft and other fun things.


The lineup for MineCon

After the party started to wrap up, Notch, the brains behind the game, posted to Twitter that he was at a certain club in Vegas. Seems this innocent post attracted a little unusual attention, with Senta Scarborough, a reporter from US Weekly Magazine contacting the game developer. Senta didn’t want to know about Minecraft. The magazine is not interested in the long-awaited official release of the game, or how the first-ever fan convention went.

No. The American media is far more interested in one thing:

I saw on twitter that you might have been at XS at the Wynn in Las Vegas and I understand Prince Harry was there. I was hoping you might have seen or met him.

Notch posted this discussion to Twitter, with the caption “I love reporters!”.

The writer asked whether Notch had seen the Prince liking or dancing to any songs, if he was dancing with anybody in particular, “what he was drinking, wearing”, and whether or not there was any attention being lavished upon the ladies.

Turns out that Notch really did hang out with royalty, or so he replied to Senta:


An artist's impression of the developer

Yes, Prince Harry was there. When he arrived, he asked Deadmau5 to lower the volume, then pulled out a guitar and started rocking this awesome solo that seemed to go on forever. Then he stabbed a guy for pronouncing his name wrong, but it turns out it was a misunderstanding, so everyone had a laugh about it.

When I left the party, Prince Harry was on stage wearing the Mau5head. He’s not a bad DJ!

I saw no women or kissing, but he did bring his dogs for some reason.

…we’re thinking that next time US Weekly is looking for a scoop, they might look past hat-wearing Swedish video game developers.

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