World of Warcraft turns 7, invites special guest

Happy birthday, World of Warcraft!! We know we’re a little early, and your birthday’s not actually until November 23rd, but you’re turning 7! That’s a big deal! You have a shiny new television spot to celebrate (with a super-awesome celebrity singing your praises), and a generous in-game offer for gamers who’d like to celebrate with you!

Firstly, that new ad. Following in the footsteps of Ozzy Osbourne, Mr. T, William Shatner, Steve Van Zandt and Verne Troyer, I would like to present to you the one, the only, Walker Texas Ranger.

…not quite sure how to follow up from that, so I’ll tell you all about the presents available in WoW to celebrate the game’s birthday!

All you need to do is simply log in between November 20th and December 3rd (told you it was generous), and you’ll receive a feat of strength for your Achievements, as well as a special “Celebration Package” item.

Using this item will unveil celebratory fireworks, a visual-only birthday tabard and a 7% bonus for any experience and reputation gains while active. Hooray!

(Blizzard do warn that everybody should carefully observe all goblin and gnome fire hazard warnings and celebrate responsibly.)

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