Minecraft: Now building worlds on iOS

Not sure how we missed this one, but Minecraft has arrived on iOS, meaning you can now get your blocky fix on the mobile device of your choice.

As of right now, Minecraft – Pocket Edition is available in the App Store, for $7.49. You’ll be able to build your own worlds, but there is no online functionality and the game itself is somewhat pared back from the now-finished PC version.

You will, however, be able to build with 36 different kinds of blocks, hang out with friends via local area wi-fi, and save multiplayer worlds directly to your phone.

Minecraft on iOS

Minecraft on iOS

So far, it’s been getting mixed reviews, with the most negative claiming that the lack of any actual “crafting” kinda defeats the purpose of Minecraft. That said, we’re expecting this one to rival warm baked goods in the sales stakes, particularly in the leadup to Minecraft‘s official launch this weekend.

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