Judge Dredd gamebook smacks down the Law

Judge Dredd is coming to iPhone. Australian developer Tin Man Games has just inked a deal with publisher Rebellion to bring the 2000 AD character to the world of interactive, digital gamebooks.

2000 AD editor Matt Smith is thrilled that one of comics’ most famous – and beloved (or, um, befeared) – characters is headed to an all-new medium:

It’s great to see Dredd coming to digital platforms like the iPhone and iPad.

Gamebook Adventures: Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd, now in Gamebook form

The team at Tin Man will not be alone on this new project, thrown into Mega-City One without a map. Instead, they’ll have help from the team who’ve recently finished work on the Judge Dredd tabletop role-playing game, making sure that everything is in its right place.

Neil Rennison, Creative Director of Tin Man Games is also pleased with the arrangement:

We’re privileged to be working with a great group of writers and artists that really understand the Judge Dredd universe.

All of this is pretty exciting – what’s even better is that you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on the as-yet untitled gamebook. Judge Dredd is due to storm the App Store in Q2, 2012 – and he’ll hit Android platforms later in the year.

For more about what Tin Man has been up to, stick around – we caught up with both Neil and Ben Britten Smith at this week’s Game Connect Asia Pacific conference, to discuss the seven interactive gamebook adventures the company’s already published, plus the pair’s plans for the future – now including Judge Dredd!

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