APB: Reloaded wants you to be all you can't be

While there’s certainly a push for video games to be more and more realistic, there’s another force dragging them in the opposite direction. Some gamers really do want to be able to do things in-game that they can’t do in real life, and for them, APB Reloaded has come to the party with its latest trailer, Be All You Can’t Be, which blends live-action with game-play, pitting YouTube celebrities against one another. And there’s a bit of tartan thrown in, too.

You may have recognised Tobuscus, SeaNanners, Katers17 and SMP Films playing key roles there, as we take a look at the two main factions in APB Reloaded.

This is the world’s first Free2Play online open-world action game, featuring a hefty level of self-expression, and one of the deepest customisation engines ever created for a video game.

No more are you simply controlling your character’s hairstyle and clothing: APB Reloaded lets you design their personalities, vehicles and the music they like to listen to.

…now, in case you’d like to know more, [a]list games and GamersFirst have teamed up with Facebook app Fanrank, designed to track and reward “influential” fans. By sharing your enthusiasm for the game, showing off the new trailer and getting your friends to sign up, you’ll be eligible to win a number of in-game prizes from APB Reloaded. (And this is just the beginning – as things move forward, bigger prizes will be on show, more trailers will pop up, and a great museum of in-game / user-generated content will be launched.)

APB Reloaded of course has risen from the ashes of the original [a]list, the short-lived MMO from Realtime Worlds which was launched – and then closed – in mid-2010. All eyes are on [a]list games and GamersFirst to see how these new companies carry on the project.

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