Total Recall reboot adapted for Chinese MMO

Total Recall is headed back to the big screen next year (talk about an apt title), and now Chinese studio ZQGame is set to bring the title to the small screen too. Not your tv, but your PC, as work progresses nicely on an MMO based on the film.

Total Recall

Will it live up to this?

Now, I’ll give you a moment to think about that before I hit you with the next bombshell.

It’ll be free-to-play. And browser-based.

Apparently it’s all set to include a mish-mash of features like both PVP and PVE play, a collaborative “memory quest” system, and other elements from both traditional MMOs and social games.

Being browser-based shouldn’t be to much of a restriction for ZQGame, who is already hard at work on a new, specially-designed engine for the game, bringing large-scale 3D gaming onto your PC without any special software.

Sony Pictures exec Mark Caplan explains:

Total Recall is an international phenomenon; we know this well-known property will make a great 3D browser based game.

With SEE Games and ZQGame’s expertise, Total Recall will offer fans of the franchise and gamers alike an engaging and authentic experience – one that will deliver everything that the fans expect and will dovetail perfectly with the upcoming film.

The film itself, starring Colin Farrell in the role Arnold Schwarzenegger made famous, is due out in August 2012. No prizes for assuming the game will be out at around the same time.

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