Call of Duty: Elite still struggling after MW3 launch

While Activision is very good at bracing for success, it looks like it dropped the ball when it came to the Call of Duty launch earlier this week. Don’t get me wrong, Modern Warfare 3 went off without a hitch, with only a minor smattering of complaints when it comes to multiplayer connectivity and the other usual grumbles.

The problem came with the brand new matchmaking experience, Call of Duty: Elite – as Activision seemingly did not prepare adequately for the massive influx of gamers hitting its servers on Tuesday.

Many gamers were simply unable to sign up for the service, with codes unable to be redeemed, passwords rejected and connections failing.

Call of Duty Elite

Suffering teething problems.
Come back later.

Today, Activision spokesperson Dan Amrich (One of Swords) has summed up the situation:

Progress being made, but stuff is still not working. Not your fault. Updates coming.

Amrich went on to compare the CoD:Elite launch to Xbox LIVE back in the day, describing it as a “hybrid free/paid nationwide network for millions of gamers”.

There were outages. There were problems. And, I should note, Microsoft worked hard to address them. They got fixed.

Now, the problems with Elite are also being addressed and fixed, with Activision bumping up server capacity by 400%, and still struggling. Developers are working ’round the clock in an attempt to bring more functionality online, and progress is slow but steady. Stay tuned, and for up-to-date info, head to @CallOfDutyElite on Twitter. Bring lavender soap.

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