Police use Taser after man sticks Xbox in pants

Missing out on a new job can be a pretty traumatic experience – but a 23-year old Pennsylvania man took it particularly badly. After being turned down for a job at the local Best Buy, Timothy Mandes strolled into the Xbox section and slipped a new console down his trousers.

Xbox 360

(how do you fit this in your pants?)

After his unsuccessful interview, an empty box was brought to manager Jake Gruver’s attention – and a quick revision of surveillance tapes revealed Mandes attempting to conceal the Xbox 360 before leaving the store.

Unfortunately for Mandes, Gruver had all the relevant personal information on his job application, and quickly sent the police around for a little visit.

Mandes didn’t appreciate the intrusion, attempting to escape through the basement, and then fighting with officers over his impending arrest. Police used a Taser to “calm him down” before taking the thief to the local station.

Would-be boss Jake Gruver did not explain why he made the (apparently wise) decision not to hire Mandes, but we’re guessing he’s feeling fairly justified about now.

The November 2nd adventure now sees Mandes in custody, charged with disorderly conduct, flight to avoid apprehension, resisting arrest and – of course – retail theft. And after all that, he still doesn’t have a job.

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