Gamer held at gunpoint over Modern Warfare 3

Say what you will about Call of Duty fans, they certainly do love their game. In Kansas this week, a man wanted a copy of the new Modern Warfare 3 so badly he was prepared to threaten a fellow gamer with a gun, demanding he hand over the game.

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The story unfolds at a Game Stop midnight launch for Modern Warfare 3, where 18-year old gamer David Morales was discouraged by the long line of customers. Rather than stick around and fork over the required amount of cash, Morales instead decided to “get it for free” by simply pinching the game from somebody else.

His victim: Adam Freeman, who had pre-ordered the game and was already able to leave the store. Morales followed Freeman to his apartment, and confronted him in the parking lot.

This is where the story takes an interesting twist. Just as Morales was prepared to threaten someone with a firearm, Freeman was prepared to defend himself.

As Morales loaded his gun, Freeman grabbed the barrel of the weapon and pushed it towards the gunman. A brief struggle ensued, resulting in Morales “freaking out” and making a speedy escape from the apartment lot.

Freeman returned home, and called 911 before booting up his console ready for a bit of gaming.

Police soon found Morales, who attempted to “play dumb” before admitting to authorities what he’d been up to earlier that night. He didn’t expect Freeman to fight back, he claimed – and Freeman explained later in court that he didn’t expect to, either.

I don’t remember thinking anything. He was there and he presented a threat. It was self-defense, I guess.

In case you were wondering, local media quotes the FPS fan describing the real-world scuffle as “much more intense” and “much more scary” than anything he’s found in-game – something he’d like to avoid in future if possible. In future, he says he’d simply hand over the game rather than risking his own well-being.

…meanwhile, where did the police find the would-be thief? Back at the Game Stop, waiting in line to buy a copy of Modern Warfare 3. He’s now in custody, charged with attempted robbery and armed criminal action.

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