Batman: Arkham City headed to PC real soon

Console gamers around the world are still expressing their delight over the wonder that is Batman: Arkham City, but the poor PC fan is languishing somewhere behind. Don’t fret, Warner Bros and DC Entertainment have heard your plaintive cries and have set a date for the home computer launch.

Mark November 22 in your calendar if you’re in the United States, the 23rd if you’re in Australia, 24th in France or Benelux, and the 25th for all other European territories. (We probably could have just said “Starting November 22”, but where’s the fun in that?)

The world of Arkham City is five times bigger than Arkham Asylum, and the game’s already shipped more than twice as much as its predecessor.

Set inside the new maximum security “home” for Gotham City’s thugs, criminal masterminds and glam gangsters, Batman: Arkham City introduces an all-new story, all-new cast and all-new challenges pulled from the pages of DC‘s classic comics.

…but why should I try to explain it all when I can just show you? Here’s a trailer showing off the PhysX functionality only available on PC:

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