Design director leaves Silent Hill

Silent Hill: Downpour is currently without a design director, as Brian Gomez has handed in a letter of resignation. While most people have to travel at least a little way between work and home, Gomez cites his lengthy commute – “22 hours each way, and about $1,200 per ticket” – as being a contributing factor of his change in employment.

Apparently that’s what happens when you live in Los Angeles and work in the Czech Republic – and no matter how great the game is, it just wasn’t worth it.

[img_big]center,7416,2011-07-22/debo-image104.jpg,Silent Hill: Downpour[/img_big]

Gomez explains:

When it was announced that Downpour was being delayed to 2012, my family and I came to the decision that I couldn’t keep making the commute between Los Angeles and Brno for another 4-6 months.

The game was originally scheduled for launch this month, but has since been pushed back to Q1 2012.

Downpour is so close to completion, there’s not a lot more that I can personally do for the project that Devin, Tomm, and Marek Berka cannot handle on their own.

This doesn’t sound like the last we’ll hear of Gomez in this sort of role though – the developer has also worked on Clive Barker’s Jericho, and hopes to continue working in the horror genre. He’s even mentioned that Silent Hill publisher Konami was stifling some of his creepy creative urges (but refrained from sharing any details). Keep your eyes peeled, you never know just which shadow Brian Gomez will leap out of!

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