Catch the Blue Blur and win super Sonic Prizes!

Sonic the Hedgehog is back in Sonic Generations, and the blue blur has hit Australia just in time for his 20th anniversary. Are you prepared to Catch the Blue Blur to win some impressive SEGA prizes?

Sonic: Catch the Blue Blur!

Sonic: Catch the Blue Blur!

As we all know, the spiky SEGA mascot is a speedy little critter, and modern technology’s made him even quicker – he’s now faster than the eye can see, and the only chance you have of grabbing a glimpse is with your iPhone (3GS, 4 or 4S).

Once you’ve grabbed the special spotting app, your mission is to stay on the look out for special Sonic glyphs dotted around the place – in magazines, on websites and in assorted stores and shopping centres. When you spot one, point your phone at it (with the App open), and Sonic will appear just for you!

Upload your high scores to a leaderboard or share them via Facebook – and you’ll be in the running (heh) to win prizes from SEGA. Want a pair of Sonic Walkie Talkies? A Collector’s Edition of Sonic Generations? Digital Camera? T-shirts? Plush toys? Figurines? A super-awesome collectible chess set? …better get snappin’!

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