PREVIEW: Mario & Sonic at the London Olympics

Mario and Sonic are not new to the game mash-up genre, they’ve been popping up in each others’ titles for years now, so when an event the size of the London 2012 Olympic Games comes around, you just expect a title to come out based on the event, starring the pixelated pair. Of course this isn’t the first Olympics Mario & Sonic have attended – four years ago, they also took part in the Beijing Olympics and they have been practicing in secret ever since.

But where would Mario & Sonic be without the rest of their teams? For those who don’t want to support a plumber or hedgehog you can get behind your favourite princess, gorilla or echidna. In total there are 20 of your favourite Nintendo and Sega characters to put your support behind.

And what would an Olympic Games be without events? Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (on the Wii at least) features 40 events you can help your favourite character play , and 11 of those are new events designed specifically for this release.

Some of the events your little guy or girl will take part in include Volleyball, Baseball, Rowing, Javelin throw, and Rapid Fire Pistol shooting. Although I was unable to see the 3DS version of the game at time of writing, you will need to put your Wii controller to full use to get them across the line in first. but be warned they will need a lot of work on your end. You might find yourself jumping up and down, waving your arms around frantically, just to help motivate Sonic to run faster, or Mario to hit that volleyball over the net.

Now, we all know that Princess Peach doesn’t like being left alone, she always likes the attention of Mario – and that is why Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games allows her to invite three of her friends to come and play with her for some good old-fashioned multiplayer party fun.

[img_big]center,8358,2011-11-03/23223Dream_Long_Jump_Wii.jpg,Mario & Sonic[/img_big]

When all the hard work is over, then it is time for Mario, Sonic and his friends to relax a bit. Rather than competing against everybody, they can start working with them in cooperative events as part of “London Party Mode”. Packed with more than 50 of these mini events (including a variety of running, collecting and time trial games), they will keep themselves amused for hours.

Of course, when you’re competing in an Olympics, you want to look good and sound like a winner. That is why Mario & Sonic have brought their best 3D cartoon style good looks to Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, matched with the quirky music and sound effects we have all come to love from our favourite plumber and hedgehog.

[img_three]8358,2011-11-03/23224Equestrian_Wii.jpg,2011-11-03/23221Canoe_Wii.jpg,2011-11-03/23543100m_Sprint_1.jpg,(Click to enlarge)[/img_three]

We’re giving you plenty of warning on this one: Training is important, and even though the real Olympics in London aren’t on until July 2012, Mario will need your help to burn off some of the Italian sausage he likes so much and Donkey Kong will need someone to spot his barrel lifting, so their training will begin on Wii on Nov 17th. (Coming to Nintendo 3DS early next year.) With Christmas coming up, it couldn’t be a more perfect time for you (and your kids!) to help Mario, Sonic and the gang to burn off some of that holiday spirit we all experience at that time of the year.

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