Heavy Rain gets Director's Cut edition

‘Tis the season for re-releases, Game of the Year editions and shiny polished versions of the same game you already played. That’s the be expected – but what we didn’t expect was for Heavy Rain to be among the list of new/old games.

Quantic Dream, the French developer of the PS3-exclusive has revealed a brand new, super-shiny package – the Director’s Cut – containing “lots” of extra bits and pieces.

Of course, the original game is included, but you’ll also get all of the released DLC and a bunch of deleted scenes videos… here’s the full list:

    Heavy Rain: Director's Cut

    Heavy Rain: Director's Cut

  • Complete, original game, Heavy Rain
  • Heavy Rain Chronicles: Episode 1 – The Taxidermist DLC
  • Heavy Rain Original Videogame Score by award-winning film and television composer, Normand Corbeil (16 tracks)
  • New front-end menu and interface with built-in Move support
  • A series of 8 “Making of” Bonus Videos
  • Three Dynamic Themes (Heavy Rain, Heavy Rain ARI Forest, Heavy Rain ARI Mars)
  • 15 additional pieces of new concept art
  • 2 bonus Trailers (Thank You Trailer, Love Trailer)

Plus, in addition to all of this, the Heavy Rain Crime Scene Dynamic Theme will be free on PlayStation Network to commemorate the launch and to thank the game’s fans. If you want more crime scene on your console, this is the way to go.

In North America, the Heavy Rain Director’s Cut kicks off on November 8th, with other territories to follow.

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