Dead Island developer trademarks Dead World

It looks like Dead Island is expanding, if a new trademark registration is any indication. It seems that even the ocean cannot hold back the undead, and we should start preparing for Dead World.

At this stage, of course, it’s early days. Developer Techland refuses to comment on rumour, speculation or trademark filings, but – honestly – the announcement wouldn’t really surprise anybody.

The girl from the Dead Island trailer

We're imagining that she won't be back.

The original Dead Island was released earlier this year, taking gamers to a delightful tropical island, where drinks were flowing, the sun was shining, and zombies were shufflin’. Despite picking up a number of pre-release awards, when the game hit shelves, reviews were mixed.

Still, zombies are still flavour of the month, and the game obviously did well enough to warrant a return journey.

Before you start speculating that “Siliconera covers “computer game software and electronic software programs”. Looks like a larger-world zombie slasher may be on the way – better go look for that stick-with-a-nail-in-it – you might just need it sooner than you thought.

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