Limited edition blue vinyl for Shatter soundtrack

I’ma let you finish, but Shatter has one of the best soundtracks of all time. Of all time. And if you thought it sounded good on MP3 or through your gaming rig speakers, you’ve got another think coming as Sidhe reveals a limited edition 12″ vinyl release of Module’s electronic rock beats.

The artist didn’t just use CD-quality rips for this one either, editing and remastering the original soundtrack exclusively for vinyl, ensuring a superior listening experience for audiophiles.

Module explains:

It is really great to hear the quality that this format gives you straight off the bat. I have edited the core Shatter music tracks and re-mastered them via Abbey Road Studios at the highest possible audio settings for you all to enjoy. Big thanks for all the support, awards and many fans from the last two years.

…yes. The Abbey Road.

Shatter soundtrack, on blue vinyl

Isn't it pretty?!

The album itself is limited to 1000 copies (each one individually numbered and signed!), and features 10 remastered tracks on translucent blue 12″ vinyl. The sleeve is 300gsm matte laminate with spot UV gloss overprint – and if you’re still following me, you’ll know that this is a pretty awesome piece for any music enthusiast, game collector or vinyl junkie.

If you’d like to go with this retro, analogue release, you won’t be missing out on the digital Shatter experience either – purchasing the vinyl recording will also grant you an immediate download of the original 13-track digital album (as MP3 320, FLAC, or a bunch of other formats both lossy and lossless), plus a download code for Shatter on Steam, to bring you up to speed.


Want in on this? Head to and hand over your hard-earned cash.

While there, you do have the option to pick up the digital-only album if you’d prefer, and of course Shatter itself is available on Steam and the PlayStation Network.

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