Grand Theft Auto V trailer returns to San Andreas

Well now ladies and gentlemen, it’s here. Our first look at Grand Theft Auto V, in a gorgeous new trailer that seems to have raised more questions than it answered.

One thing that we do know now – Rockstar Games is taking us back to sunny San Andreas.

And the conspiracy theories begin! Is that CJ running from the cops? Is it Tommy Vercetti behind the wheel? Niko asking for money to buy food?

One of the reasons given for the Tommy Vercetti theory is that the narrator sounds awfully like Ray Liotta, who played the star of Vice City. However, he’s now confirmed he does not feature in the new trailer. (Of course, rumours being what they are, this hasn’t dampened anything: Rockstar must have just recast the voice!)

It’d be very unlike Rockstar to give everything away in the first trailer, so – of course – you’d better stick around. Something big is on the horizon.

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